Friday, 8 April 2011

The son and heir?

After several changes of water, Juli had almost finished the cleaning; it was amazing how much blood there had been. The door creaked slightly and she looked across to see a small face looking in.

“is this where the sentry was killed?”

“Yes sir. Over by the window”

“Was there a lot of blood?”

“Yes it was horrible”

“So who did it?”

“Well the sentries say it must have been a young lad trying to break into the palace”

An elegant woman swept into the room “Ah there you are Konrad, I’ve been searching for you”

“This is where the soldier was killed Mama, and the blood went absolutely everywhere”

“Quite horrible, now come Konrad, you have piano lessons”

“Excuse me Ma’am” said Juli in a low voice.

“What” “The sentry said they were having a collection for the sergeant’s widow and young sons”

“Oooh Mama can I play with them”

"No Konrad, an Erbherzog does not play with common children”

“But Mama, what about the collection”

“Yes, if you want” she sighed and the pair left the room.

Juli breathed a sight of relief; she had forgotten the rules about speaking to the Ducal family and the risk of a beating for speaking out of turn.

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abdul666 said...

Poor children - Juli and Konrad both.