Thursday, 19 May 2011

The dunnyman

In the faint morning light Juli was led out into the courtyard of the house, a foul smelling wagon was waiting. Herr Bohler explained “There is a narrow compartment behind the driver where you can hide, the wagon will make all its usual collections and then head out into the countryside. When all seems clear the driver will let you out, Good luck”

“That you for your help sir”, with that Juli climbed up and squeezed into the small compartment. The cart seemed to take forever touring the streets and collecting the night soil, and the stench was almost unbearable.

Finally Juli heard “Halt, state your business”

“Ain’t it obvious? Didn’t you smell me coming?”

“Yes, but you know we have to do our job as well”

“Yeah, alright”

“Carry on”

The wagon started moving then, “Stop that wagon” came a loud order.

The wagon stopped. “What do you men think you are doing?” sounded an officer’s voice.

“It’s only the dunnyman sir”

“Have you checked no one is hiding underneath? Obviously not”

There was a sound of a sabre being drawn then loud thumps as it must have been driven through the load. “Now next time check thoroughly, now clean my sword before I wipe it on your arse”

“Yes sir”

The wagon moved off. Once they were well clear of the city and passing between some trees the wagon halted and the dunnyman opened the compartment to let Juli out. “There you go lad. Now the main road to Bruckewasser is about 1000 paces back that way” pointing north “and the other road to Illerkamp is at the other end of this road. God speed”

“Thank you sir”

With that the dunnyman rode off heading towards a nearby farm.

After carefully checking, Juli headed back towards the Bruckewasser road, but she had no intention of going that way. It might be the quickest route, but it was also more likely to be watched, instead she intended to head for Minenhafen on the Rhine. She had decided to be a down on his luck farm lad called Christophe heading there to try his luck working on the river barges.

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