Sunday, 8 May 2011

Preparing the escape

By dark Herr Bohler arrived back and Juli joined him and Franz for a meal and discussion on what to do next. Juli was insistent that she needed to escape from the city as soon as possible but Herr Bohler was not sure. “The guards are everywhere, everyone and everything is being checked as it passes in and out of the city and they have issued a warrant for your arrest. If you wait a few days then the uproar will die down and it will be far easier to get you out”

Juli glowered but before she could saw anything, Franz commented “But father you’ve already said that the longer someone stays here the more likely the authorities are to find out. I’ve also heard that they are conducting house to house searches in parts of the city”

“Very well, but don’t say I didn’t warn you! You’ll leave early tomorrow young lady, I’ll provide some food and money, but you’ll be on your own once you have left the city”

Now we need to change your appearance, right Franz, fetch the scissors and some of your old clothes.

Juli almost cried as her long hair was cut, worse was to come as her visible flesh was stained with blackberry juice. By the finish she hardly recognised herself; she now looked like a young farm lad.

“Now, get a good night’s sleep as you’ll leave early tomorrow morning!” instructed Herr Bohler

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