Thursday, 26 May 2011

A sudden exit

Van Danewald was incandescent as he ordered his servants to pack his bags. He should have challenged that blaggard Vladislav to a duel, but he was not a gentleman but a vicious thug in uniform. Well, his chances of winning money from the Monte-Cristo ambassador would have to wait, and as for the scheme to trick the Kruppfalzen
ambassador into a rigged carriage race that opportunity would have to be forgone.

He would have his revenge but it would take some time, now he would leave and head back to Glowstein with a short break at the gaming tables of Sonnenbad on the way.

Earlier Count Vladislav had reconsidered the position, At first light the hussars would be sent out to intensively search the countryside for a teenage girl on the run. He had tried to ensure that their orders didn’t cause them to sweep up any young girls that they found, just imagine what problems that could cause, just any girls they found that no one locally could vouch for!

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