Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Ill met by moonlight

Given that Albert had revealed that he was due to meet with the Glowstein ambassador at the strike of nine that evening, the Count put plans in motion. Firstly Captain Pilsner had arranged for a couple of respectable gentlemen to be positioned with himself close to the rendezvous in a back alley close to the cathedral as neutral observers and some grenadiers to be stationed close by.

Shortly before the hour, the Cathedral Kapellmeister turned to the Captain and asked “What exact crime do we suspect this gentleman of committing?”

“Well sir, to put it delicately, similar to the affair involving the Bishop of Finkenstein and a choirboy that was discovered by the Duke’s son Augustus”

“Oh dear!”

“The burgermeister commented “Apparently, he then threw himself off the bell tower in a fit of remorse”

Just then the hour struck, shortly after the Ambassador arrived and spotting Albert asked. “Ah, Albert want have you got for me tonight”

“What’s it worth sir”

“The usual payment”

At that moment Count appeared from the shadows “That’s enough, we know all about your unnatural desires”

“What do you mean sir, Oh Count Vladislav”

“You pervert, corrupting the young for your own pleasure”

“Nothing of the sort Count, you wouldn’t dare to make such accusations in public”
“Gentlemen, reveal yourselves”

Von Danewald turned to see the citizens emerge from the shadows, followed by some grenadiers.

“Now sir, I recommend that you leave the city tomorrow or this will be public news”

“But I can explain”

“Grenadiers escort this man to his residence”

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