Friday, 6 May 2011

Interrogation 2

Once he was free of his social responsibilities, Count Vladislav found Captain Pilsner.

“Now what’s the real story?”

“Well Albert insists he did see this Juli heading towards the south of the city. He had put his old clothes to one side and hadn’t realised that they had gone missing. Now, it appears that the lad had got the job using some dubious references, But what he has really been up to is passing various bits of palace gossip to Von Danewald, the Glowstein ambassador, for a bit of cash.”

“Now that gives me an idea” muttered the Count “anything else?”

“Yes the mention of references made me check on those for Juli and like most the female staff she came via the Bishops household. I checked with the Bishop’s housekeeper on her origins. She said all her girls came from good backgrounds and were able to read, write and respect their betters. Juli came from a parish over near Illerkamp”

“So she could be heading back in that direction, but more likely across the border, maybe to Pommaine or Iserwelt."

“Just a minute, did you say she could read?"

“Yes, sir, according to the Bishop‘s housekeeper”

“If so, we have the motive, the instructions are quite clear that the Duke’s office is only to be cleaned by servants who couldn’t read. That’s why we continue to employ idiots like Suzanne”

“Oh, I thought she was employed for her other attributes”

“That is partly true, after all, she was originally employed by Erbherzog Johan”

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