Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The safe house?

A tall gangly youth opened the door. “Can I help you?”

Not sure whether to trust him or not Juli gave the password “There is a loose slate on your roof, it might fall and hurt someone important”, while preparing to run if necessary.

The youth walked out, looked up at the roof then up and down the street and then said “You’d better come in”

Even after Juli entered the house, he checked the street again.

“I’m Franz Ferdinand, I’m sorry my father is absent, but he was warned to expect you”

“I’m sure the guards will be hunting for me shortly”

“That’s OK, my father thought that this might happen, which is why I stayed here today”

“So what now, I need to get back as soon as possible”

“Well first I’ll hide you until dark, when my father returns. We have a secret room, where you can hide if they search to building. Follow me"

Juli was led up to a second floor bedroom and shown a trapdoor in a closet that gave access to an area under the floor. “Just wait here until dark, if anyone knocks on the door just hide in the hidey hole, I’ll cover up the surface so it’s not visible."


abdul666 said...

This little Juli is indeed more than she seems... Not a fully grown up Keyser Söze, nonetheless?


Jiminho said...


My apologies for the intrusion but I've nominated you for the Stylish Blogger Award. No doubt you have already heard tell of it, accept or ignore as you please of course. Thanks for the new and interesting storyline you are developing.