Friday, 29 January 2010

An angel of mercy?

Friedrich crawled into the furthest corner away from the Frenchmen. He was battered, bruised and robbed on anything of value and he was still not quite sure why. At first the other prisoners were quite forthcoming about their ordeal crossing the river, and then they seemed to decide he was asking too many questions and turned on him.

A while later the door opened and a determined group of militiamen with fixed bayonets pushed the prisoners away from the door. A young woman strode in and asked in impeccable French “Who is in command here?”

The prisoners shuffled to one side to reveal a wounded officer.

“Ah lieutenant, can I have your word that your men will not cause trouble if we provide you with a fire and some food”

Amazed that a woman could identify his rank, he quickly responded “Certainement mademoiselle, votre servant, Je m’appelle Lieutenant Raymond Blanc”

The lady turned and saw Friedrich “what about his man here?”

“He is not one of my men and they do not like him, perhaps he is one of those spies from Paris”.

Ilse then turned and addressed the militia sergeant. Herr Willemson please have your men bring in the wood and food. Oh, and I think my father should see this man, pointing at Friedrich, immediately, I just need one of your men as escort.

Luckily for Friedrich, or so he thought, a militiaman helped him to his feet and he followed the young woman through the door.

They waited while the wood and food were provided to the prisoners and the door to the goal securely fastened.

“Thank you Sergeant”

“You are too kind my lady, shall we now provide you with an escort”

“No Private Godfroy will be fine”

“Do you think that's wise, Miss”

“Thank you Sergeant but you and your men have plenty of other duties to see to”

Ilse grabbed Fredrik’s arm saying “this way”

As they turned the corner and the rest of the militia were out of sight Fredrick said “but I could escape” but immediately regretted it as a glinting blade appeared at his throat.

Ilse then said “so now tell me exactly who you are and what is your mission?”

Friedrich then rapidly explained that he was a senior cadet at the Kriegsakademie, then after a series of probing questions on the members of staff and the syllabus she said “OK, I believe you, but you had better apologise to my father for causing such trouble”

Ilse turned to Godfroy and told him to go back to the others, but he refused saying he’d get in more trouble that way and he’d just follow along to the Major’s house and not get in the way.

Friedrich now realised that this was the commandant’s daughter and he was now out of the frying pan and into the fire.

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Frankfurter said...

I was just thinking last night how much story telling our group enjoys .. both the telling and the hearing!