Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Enemy plans?

The Baron and General were in conference

General Wurst, just explain the likely French options to me again

Simply put Sire, we expect them to land to the South in Pommaine probably near Bruckewasser and then strike north into our territory as these French armies solely exist by pillage. Their aim will be to capture Pappenheim as swiftly as possible before the Imperial army under General Schnapps can react.

Yes, this is consistent with our spies' reports from the French army camp, but what about this new person from Paris, Representative on Mission Laine, will he continue with the same plan?

Hopefully yes Sire, as it is the only credible military option. Once ashore in strength, the French have two possible options either the direct route to Pappenheim, or a slightly longer route via Sonnenbad.

General, the later would cause us real problems as the old town walls are only capable of withstanding an attack by light forces.

Indeed Sire, but it is also the more likely option as the French survive by pillage and Sonnenbad is an easy target. They would then have sufficient supplies to be able to besiege Pappenheim

So, what preparation can we make?

Militarily, all forces can be alerted quickly and we will have to rely on the Militia and Cavalry to belay the French advance as much as possible. I have discussed the situation with Colonel Lowe to ensure that Sonnenbad cannot be taken by a Coup de Main.

Good, and the Gendarmerie has been advising the peasants that a Prussian army will be arriving soon, which means that they will hide as much of their crops as possible as they remember that the Prussians always requisition food and forage with their promissary notes, which are never paid until months later if we are lucky.

And what of my idea Sire, of storing some spare weapons in the Pidnem coal mines, which are close to the road to Sonnenbad?

Yes, an excellent idea, I have arranged a meeting with Herr Kohl of the mine owners association to discuss how it can be done.

And what about communications?

The Glasserberg signalling station is back in operation and arrangements have been made with the post and customs department to have spare couriers always available at key points.

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