Thursday, 28 January 2010

An unwelcome interruption

Major Barner, the Commandant of Stonew, welcomes Captain Mannerheim into his study. “Well Captain, apparently you have something to report”

“Yes sir, my men think they have captured a French Spy”

A commotion occurs outside the study resulting in a footman being flung through the door in some distress followed by a young woman.

“Yes Ilse! can’t it wait till I have finished with Captain………

“No it is quite intolerable, those poor prisoners are freezing to death in the goal, you must do something” “They need warmth, and food, how would you feel having been in the river at this time of year”

“Yes Ilse, we must show some compassion, even though they tried to invade us.” “Captain, will your men assist?”

“Of course, if her ladyship would contact Sergeant Willemsen, he will assist her in her mission”

Ilse then swept out of the room mouthing a sorry to the footman, who was still attempting to stand up straight after what must have been a vicious kick below the belt.

“Daughters! Now Captain about this spy, please tell me more”

“Well he was spotted on the main road from Pappenheim, but he pulled over into cover”

“Who saw this?”

“Oh just young Ernst Udet, he likes climbing the church tower, he thinks one day man will be able to fly like the birds, I asked him to keep watch while most of the militia were resting”

“Excellent, you must reward him for his vigilance, I think a schilling would be the least you could give him”

Mannerheim winced “very reasonable Sir”

“And what else?”

“He clearly had on some sort of blue uniform, without any Frundsberg brassard and his accent did not match the way he was dressed.” “He also attacked one of my men and it was discretely observed once he was put in goal that he could speak French fluently”

Very well, let’s leave him there until tomorrow when everything has calmed down and interrogate him then”


Frankfurter said...

Ah yes, the cosmopolitan aristo culture ...
Quite revolting, eh?
PS: I suspect the survivors are in need of the word verification "lectowel"!

Archduke Piccolo said...

I do like this Ernst Udet character: 'I'm learning to fly/ but I don't have wings...'.
Speaking of which, I have half a mind to postulate the real existence of phlogiston in my world. The implications for lighter than air flight seem considerable...