Friday, 22 January 2010

A surprise visit?

Erprinz Fredrich studied the town of Stonew ahead of him, he realised that to check the defences he should not just ride up the Hauptstrasse and ensure that the guard checked his credentials before contacting the militia commander. The best test would be to circle round to the north and enter there as the most likely direction for the French would be from the south. Attempting to keep well out of sight he rode across country to a lane leading into the town. He then rode into town observing keenly the lack of preparation.

The street seemed very quiet until he turned a corner and hear a quiet voice demanding "W..would you please give the password" and looked down at an old man in a grey militia uniform hesitantly pointing a blunderbuss at him. Looking more carefully he saw that the old man had a Hilfekorps brassard and could be easily be disarmed.

Deciding this would be a useful example of the lack of preparedness of the garrison he moved his hand towards his sabre.

"We would rather you didn't do that" said a cultivated voice almost immediately followed by the cocking of a number of muskets.

Fredrich turned to see a group of determined militia led by a more smartly dressed sergeant all pointing their muskets at him.

One of the militia then started waving his bayonet at him shouting "they don't like it up em!"

"Yes Johannes" said the Sergeant "but we are fighting the French now, not the Turks"

"Now, if you wouldn't mind dismounting sir" said the sergeant

"I don't think that is at all necessary" said Fredrich planning to show his papers. "I am...."

A small youth suddenly ran out from behind the militia and ducked under Fredrich's horse before running off. Moments later Fredrich realised what had been done as his saddle slipped and he tipped into a pile of manure at the side of the road.

The militia burst into laughter, but one said "We're all doomed, he's a French spy"

The sergeant then seemed to get a grip and ordered one of the militia to inform the captain, while the rest seized him and marched him off to the town goal. Fredrich might have tried resisting but Corporal Johannes was following close behind with his bayonet a bit to close and he seemed to be prepared to use it.

Fredrich was then pushed into a large cell with a number of malodorous individuals. The sergeant then stated "I hope you won't mind, but this is the only secure accommodation available and at least these are your compatriots."


Fitz-Badger said...

Oops, looks like Fredrich "stepped in it", as they say.

Bluebear Jeff said...

We await more details . . . with some anticipation.

-- Jeff

Archduke Piccolo said...

The Sergeant's name wouldn't be Wilhelmsson, or something like that, would it? Seems I've seen this guy before... And Captain Mannerheim...? Hard man, Captain Mannerheim; not a man to be crossed... :)

Fire at Will said...

Archduke Piccolo you have obviously been watching the wrong sort of TV, just like me!