Wednesday, 27 January 2010

A report for the Captain.

A young militiaman bursts into the Militia HQ (A small room just by the church).

“Captain Mannerheim, Oncle Artur, I mean Sergeant Willemson, says we’ve caught a spy”

“And how do we know he is a spy?”

“Well he sneaked in by the north lane after being spotted on the main road from Pappenheim, and he was dressed in a blue uniform just like the Frenchies”

“Stupid boy, Prussians and others wear blue uniforms. Did he speak French?”

“No, but he tried to attack Godfroy and he had a very posh accent compared to his uniform”

“Where is he now?”

“Oncle… Sergeant Willemsen has put him in the goal with the other Frenchies, as he didn’t have a Frundsberg brassard.”

“OK Pike, I’ll discuss this with the Commandant, when convenient. Now tell Sergeant Willemson to make sure he doesn’t escape.”

After a short interlude, another militiaman appears

“I thought you might be interested in some extra information”

“What is it Walkure?

“Well if the lads could just turn a blind eye…”

“Just spit it out”

“Well that spy was gabbling away quite happily in French to the other Frenchies once he thought we had gone away”

Very well Walkure, was that all?”

“Yes, unless Frau Mannerheim would like some fine French silk lingerie?”

“Get out Walkure”


A J said...

*Snort!* =)

Archduke Piccolo said...

LOL... :)

Fitz-Badger said...

I have a feeling I'm missing out on some joke from "across the pond"...

Fire at Will said...

Fitz-Badger look up "Dads Army" on Wikipedia's_Army

Fitz-Badger said...

Ah, I have heard of "Dad's Army" (seems to come up from time to time among UK wargamers), but I've never actually seen it. Might have to look out for it on dvd.