Monday, 25 January 2010

An Unpleasant Interlude.

As Twyth left the General to check on the reserve companies of the 23ieme DB, he was dismayed to be approached by the Representative en Mission.

“Well Twyth it’s time we had a little chat”

“What about?”

“It seems that the General is not showing enough revolutionary commitment, wouldn’t you say?”

“I don’t understand, the General is attempting to carry out the war aims of the Directory”

“Come now Twyth, is the General showing any sympathy with Aristos and other enemies of the Republic?”

“Not that I know of”

“Of course not, a lot of you Bretons are Chouans, I’ll be watching you”

With that the Representative stalked off.

Twyth hastened over to Colonel Claret who enquired “What did that odious man want?”

“I’m not sure, but he seems to suspect us all of being Aristos”.

Claret laughed “You an Aristo! I thought all Bretons were peasants I bet your father is a swineherd or something”

Twyth felt his gloom lighten and responded “and Bordeaux peacocks are chickens with feathers up their……..”

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