Sunday, 31 January 2010

Meeting the Commandant

The young woman grabbed Friedrich by the arm pulling him in the direction she wanted him to go.

“If you don’t mind I can walk and I’m still quite sore from that beating by the Frenchies.”

“Sorry, please follow me” she swept off with Friedrich and the militiaman in her wake. They crossed the main square to a moderate sized building where the door was opened by a footman.

“Ah Hans, sorry about kicking you earlier, will you please tell father that I have a prisoner for him to interrogate”

“Very well miss, but please don’t kick so hard next time”

The footman disappeared.

Pointing at a mirror the young woman exclaimed “well you could at least try and make yourself slightly presentable”

Looking in the mirror Friedrich saw the human equivalent of a scarecrow, thinking if she’s this bad then I’ll be roasted by her father. He attempted to tidy himself up while Ilse seemed to be attacking him with a broom to remove the worst of the prison straw. He also noticed that all the gold lace had been stripped off his uniform.

The footman returned “The Major will now see you”

“Sorry about the mess Hans”

The Footman nodded and led them into an airy study overlooking the river, the window had two prominent bullet holes in the glass and an old officer in militia dress was busily writing at the desk. “Miss Ilse and the spy, Sir”

“Thank you Hans, can you bring some refreshments and perhaps some of those cakes, which I think Miss Bettina has been baking”

Then looking up sternly from the report “Well Ilse, what stray dog have you brought home this time, I assume it’s the same spy that Captain Mannerheim has been talking about?”

Before Friedrich could respond Ilse stated “yes and no father”

The major looked up at the ceiling in dismay “Ilse can you give me a straight answer, and you young fellow, should keep quiet until she has finished”

Ilse then gave chapter and verse on how she found Friedrich and interrogated him and her conclusion that he was just a foolish cadet attempting to carry out an inspection. Turning to Friedrich she asked “do you wish to add anything?”

“Nothing, except to apologise”

“Very well, I can’t see any further action required here”. “Ilse as I have to finish this report for the Stadtrat will you do the honours and show Von Wettin around our defences, but don’t show him all our surprises”

“Certainly father”

Hans appeared at the door, “refreshments have been laid out in the dining room sir”

“Excellent, thank you Hans.” “Now will everyone leave so I get on and write this d*****d report”

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Frankfurter said...

Ilse shows some promise as an officer ... or something else