Saturday, 24 July 2010

An all-out assault

At long last General Bercollin had his forces where he wanted them. He ordered the Infantry forward on his left to take the wall and, ignoring their mixed performance so far, the cavalry was sent forward to clear the right. Under pressure the Frundsberg line would crack somewhere.
On the left the French infantry were stalled again by the fire from the walls defenders.

On the right they were no more successful. One squadron of Chasseurs attacked the Heavy Dragoons and were ignominiously routed; the only success was that the Chevau-l├ęgers succeeded in routing one of the Light Dragoon squadrons. The weary Heavy Dragoons continued the combat with the other squadron of Chasseurs, but were forced to rally back.

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Capt Bill said...

The Beerstein General Staff has been following this battle with great interest.