Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Meeting at Trouds

Once again Ritter Hugo von Schwillensaufenstein had been sent off with urgent despatches. He was now in the headquarters of Brigadier Sir David Linienblatt of the Beerstein Foreign Legion in Trouds(#). After perusing the letters from General Von Barner, Sir David questioned Hugo carefully on the state of the roads between Traubs and Pappenheim or alternatively from Sonnenbad.

“So it seems if your General is successful he expects the French to retreat along the Stocwald altweg as the open ground will favour cavalry operations”

“Yes sir, and it’s only one days fast ride so they would be here within two days”

“Of course if we march that way we are liable to be attacked and defeated as the Legion is not strong enough to stand up against a whole French division, even if it has been defeated”

“Ohh, yes if you say so sir, I don’t know your exact strength, just what general Von Barner told me to say”

“He says I should wait here and act like a stopper in the bottle to prevent the French reaching the Rhine, is this true?”

“Well sir, from my observation, after the direct Pappenheim to Berlin road there is no easy way down the Stocwald escarpment until this point. If they abandon their wagons and guns they could do so, but not otherwise.

“OK thank you von Schwillensaufenstein. My despatch will inform your commander that we will do as requested, I trust he is confident on the result of the battle, otherwise our assistance will be delayed by at least two days”

# Trouds is the first major town north of Frundsberg in the Electorate of Glowstein and lies at the end of a long valley leading down from the Stocwald hills. It is renowned for its woollen mills.


Capt Bill said...

All of Beerstein supports whatever actions Brigadier Sir David Linienblatt deems necessary...

Martin said...

Ritter Hugo's Grandfather, the Old General, is very satisfied that the young sprig is keeping his wits about him, and his eyes and ears open.

The old fellow has even dug out his campaign maps and has been following the current actions around Frundsberg. He can usually be found in the afternoon in the study, peering though a magnifying glass in one hand, and Hugo's latest letters in the other, muttering things like, "Jah, jah! That is exactly what I would do.", or, "They're running a risk there, but it's not all beer and skittles is it?". However, the refrain he most utters, in a slightly louder tone, is, "Orderly! Why is this glass empty again?!"