Sunday, 25 July 2010

The pressure continues

Despite their set backs the French continued their attacks, the inevitable then occurred, first the remaining light Dragoons were routed and then finally the Heavy Dragoons and some of the French cavalry set off in pursuit. Luckily the Frundsberg Horse Artillery was now close to the field wall and the supporting fire from the militia there, and the Freishutze were safely holding the wall further down towards Landsberg village.

Shot flew thick and fast across the stone wall. The French were constantly pushing forward to find a weak point. Then suddenly the French infantry charged and pushed back the 2nd line battalion from the wall threatening a complete breakthrough. Colonel Meyer rushed up to rally his men and managed to prevent a rout.

Bitter fusillades continued and then the 1st line battalion devastated by the crossfire in its exposed corner of the wall fell back to reform. However the French point unit, the 1/23ieme DB de Ligne was exhausted and their commander decided to fall back behind the wall. Immediately before the other French units could exploit the position Colonel Pringle led two battalions of Militia forward to fill the gap.

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Capt Bill said...

The lessen learned here will no doubt be taught in War Colleges across the continent.