Thursday, 22 July 2010

Clash of the heavies

Before General Bercollin could rebalance his forces Colonel Letort had sent in his Dragoons and Heavy Cavalry to deal with their Frundsberg counterpart. At the same time Colonel Jolais made another push towards the wall.
Side by side a squadron of Dragoons and Heavy Cavalry sped towards the Heavy Dragoons. A swathe of canister swept through the Heavy Cavalry causing them to falter. The Frundsbergers counter-charged their French opponents on equal terms and after a confused melee both side fell back to reform. On the wall the French infantry met a hail of musketry and canister and Colonel Anjou decided to rally back.

Now back in his second line position, Friedrich looked across to the Freishutze on the extreme right flank, they were now extremely vulnerable as French cavalry continued to arrive on the plateau. He was even more concerned when he spotted Ilse in amongst them calmly loading and firing.

Ilse had left Jens as the guns arrived in the village of Landsberg and made her way to join the Freishutze. Spotting Hans’ pack mule she retrieved a rifle and a bag of cartridges and joined the firing line. Moments later came the command to withdraw as two squadrons of French light cavalry appeared over the crest.
A gruff voice announced "You shouldn't be here Miss"
Spitting a ball down the barrel Ilse replied "Yes Hans" and calmly rammed the ball home and primed the pan. "Now we had better withdraw before those cavalry come to get us"


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

'fess up Will, what are the little name tags for - unit names and SP's???

Rafael Pardo said...

A great cavalry combat... It seems like Lieberwolkwitz 1813!

A J said...

Stirring stuff, indeed!

Fire at Will said...

Steve, they a just morale values colour coded to make it somewhat easier to keep track than creating a roster sheet, I just have to remember the starting value when adjusting firing for casualties.