Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Crunch time

The French Hussars had obviously decided it was time to act on their left flank. One squadron readied to renew the struggle with the Freihussaren, while the other targeted the horse artillery. Luckily the horse gunners realised their peril in time and swung their guns round to meet the oncoming Hussars with a blast of canister. Every other unit that could see them also opened fire on the Hussars bringing their attempted charge to an end.

On the hillside, the French Heavy Cavalry and Dragoons formed up ready to attack the victorious Frundsberg cavalry, but before they could act the Frundsbergers disappeared back over the crest.

With the hussars faltering in their charge now was the moment for Friedrich and his Freihussaren to exploit their disorder. It was just as well Friedrich looked around before giving the order, because he saw the Heavy Dragoons heading at full pace into the flank of the hussars. One squadron bolted immediately, but other was trapped and after a futile attempt to defend themselves threw down their weapons and surrendered.

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