Wednesday, 21 July 2010

A brief lull

The success of the Heavy Dragoons was loudly cheered by the infantry massed along the adjoining wall, but the cavalry had no time to waste celebrating as they had to reform ready to face the French who were spilling over the crest in ever increasing numbers.

From General Bercollin''s perspective the whole operation was becoming a mess. His subordinates had thrown their troops into action in an uncoordinated fashion as they arrived. At last they seemed to be getting a grip now that the whole army was assembled. Now all that was needed was a coordinated push now they had driven the enemy back from the crest. His feelings changed once he personally saw the situation on reaching the crest and viewing the Landsberg plateau. The Frundsbergers were drawn up in order and their left flank was firmly fixed behind a stone wall.

He needed to rebalance his forces to cope as he had too much infantry on his left and the cavalry on the right were incapable of tackling troops behind walls.

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Fitz-Badger said...

Excellent report and pictures! Keep it coming. :)