Thursday, 15 July 2010

Hussars to the rescue?

It was only a matter of time before a square cracked under fire and it was the 2/56ieme DB de Ligne, who taking a chance rallied back in the shelter of the hill crest. Luckily it was at the same moment that the Hussars, seeing their compatriots fleeing from the hill top, charged over the crest. The right hand squadron met a hail of fire from a line of militia and artillery and came to an abrupt halt. The other charged straight into the 1st Light Dragoon squadron.

The Hussars smashed into the Light Dragoons, who were slow to react as they were preparing to charge the 2/56ieme DB de Ligne. The Light Dragoons routed and the Hussars pursued following up and heading towards the 1st Sonnenbad Militia Battalion, that General Von Barner was rallying. All was not lost as both the Heavy Dragoons and Freihussaren had moved up into supporting positions.

This was also the moment at which a gap appeared in the other French square. Both the Heavy Dragoons and the remaining Light Dragoon squadron attacked at once. Friedrich looked around at his men, his numbers had been made up with some recently trained Light Dragoons and he hoped they would perform as well as the rest of his now experience Freihussaren. At almost the same time as the rest of the cavalry they charged into the French Hussars. After a number of minutes of confused melee both sides rallied back to reform. At least he had bought enough time for Von Barner to reform the ranks of the militia. Looking to his right he could just see French bodies and the rest of the cavalry pursuing what must have been left of the French infantry, to his left he could still see fleeing militia and Light Dragoons.

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A J said...

Swings and roundabouts. Let's see if the French square breaks in time for the dragoons to go to the aid of their fellows.