Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Another occupation?

Meanwhile in Bruckewasser, Sergeant Igel of the militia rushed in and shouted at Franz Ferdinand “The enemy are coming”

Franz paused a moment and then asked “Please be calm, who is approaching and from which direction”

The sergeant then explained with more care “The lads on the west gate have seen Frundsbergers in the distance. What should we do?”

Franz smiled “Why welcome them, of course, they must be part of the Imperial army, after all we are not at war with Frundsberg and both their and our forces are both part of the Imperial army.”

“But what should we do sir, should we close the gates?”

“Of course not, they will need to pass through on their way to attack the French and we shouldn’t delay them. Turn out the men; we should salute these brave warriors on their way.”
Colonel Meyer pause as they came in sight of Bruckewasser and turned to Hans “Are you sure they will let us pass?”

“Yes, we have friends there, and we have this” Hans passed a carefully folded flag to the Colonel ”It’s the city flag that has been missing since the French occupation”

Turning to his assembled officers the Colonel called out “This is a friendly city, break out the Imperial flags and keep our own furled. I want a smart disciplined entry into a German city that has suffered French occupation”
Preceded by their fife and drum corps playing a common Imperial marching tune the Frundsbergers marched into the city. At the gate the sentries saluted the officers smartly and were acknowledged. The column then made its way to the central square and assembled facing the city hall.

In front of the hall was drawn up a line of Militia, around the fringes of the square were a lot of sullen looking townsfolk, while on the stairs was presumably the burgermeiser plus some other locals. Once his troops were assembled Colonel Meyer called out “Thank you for letting us pass though your city, but I have one honour to perform first” he then dismounted and taking the flag from his saddlebag advanced towards the stairs.

At first the militia looked as if they would bar his way, but as they saw what he was carrying they fell back to let him pass. Approaching the burgermeister he saluted and handed over the flag “Sir your city’s honour is restored”

Franz responded “Thank you Colonel” then unfurled the flag and waved it so that everyone could see. The locals exploded with joy. Franz turned to the Colonel again “Your men are welcome colonel, thanks you for returning our flag” and winked.

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Bluebear Jeff said...

Hmmm, do I detect a bit of Theatre (and perhaps conspiracy) in the air?

-- Jeff