Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The next steps

Twyth reported back to General Bercollin in Bratfurt “Citizen General I have to report that the rearguard has been wiped out”

“What?” he exploded, “yet more problems in this accused land. Did you hear about Captain Fitou?”

“Yes, and that the Chasseurs had very nearly caught up with those Freihussaren”

“Right Twyth, down to business, draft orders for an advance at all speed up the north bank of the Flussweih to Sonnenbad. Now we have gained enough supplies the army is to remain concentrated so we are less vulnerable to these insurgents, and I suspect that as we move into Iserwelt they will loose support.

Hugo von Schwillensaufenstein arrived at Colonel von Barners HQ for the second time that day.
“Well young fellow want do you have to report this time, I trust good news?”

“Sir, Major Von Wettin convinced the Polish troops comprising the French rearguard to surrender, no that’s not quite right, become neutral. He has offered to arrange free passage for them back to Poland and he trusts that this is acceptable.”

“Excellent, just what I want to hear. Now, the French are obviously moving into Iserwelt. So inform Major Von Wettin and my daughter that I will endeavour to cover Sonnenbad but I appreciate that the militias will not be able to act much further that Bratfurt so they should use their own judgement on what further action to take.

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