Monday, 3 May 2010

The trap closes

Shortly after decoy party left the rest of the Frundsberg forces moved out. They moved to a position near to the road west of Beckdorf. The foresters identified a suitable position where felling trees would block the road and then hid nearby. The road leading into the wood was watched by the two members of the Aufklarungskorps who would identify once the French rearguard was in sight. One would then inform Ilse and then move on to inform the decoy party to make their attack if she and Friederich decided that the rearguard looked vulnerable. The other would maintain position in case of any unexpected outcomes.

The warning arrived as the last of a large column of French infantry passed by. The rearguard consisted of two squadrons of Chasseurs and a battalion of infantry. Hearing the news the scout was sent on to order the decoy attack.

The French infantry marched away and a messenger slipped down to the foresters to make ready. A distant explosion was then heard and shortly after a French ADC galloped past. Five minutes later he returned accompanied by all the Chasseurs. A message was immediately sent to the foresters to block the road.

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