Tuesday, 4 May 2010

To the rescue?

General Bercollin heard the new of the latest attack with unusual calm and immediately began to give orders. “It’s as expected. They were bound to try again; they are trying to cover an attack from their regular forces at Frishdorf. Tell Colonel Letort to be ready with his heavy cavalry, the open ground between Beckdorf and Frishdorf is ideal for cavalry operations. Colonel Jolais should clear up the distraction and prepare to attack the flank of the enemy. Colonel Anjou will be ready in the centre. Colonel Claret will hold his position in and around Bratfurt”

“Twyth” he shouted “please go back and bring up the rearguard as soon as possible inform Colonel Jolais of his role and check that everything is under control to the west."

Twyth rode off, quickly he found Colonel Jolais who was content as his men had driven off the attack and accepted his new orders. “One squadron of Chasseurs is in hot pursuit” he exclaimed the other is waiting to act”

Twyth realised what this meant, there were no cavalry with the rearguard. He ordered the remaining squadron to accompany him back to the rearguard. He knew what they were thinking, but the situation changed as they turned a corner in the road and saw the way blocked by large trees. "Captain, send a man back immediately. Tell Colonel Jolais that our rearguard is trapped and I need a battalion to clear the road”

Captain Picard immediately complied and then suggested that the squadron sapeurs cleared the fallen trees. They got within 30 paces when both were hit by simultaneous rifles shots. Twyth knew that only the prompt arrival of Colonel Jolais men could save the Poles.

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Bluebear Jeff said...

Twyth certainly does have a head on his shoulders . . . he's seemed brighter than most of the officers he serves under.

-- Jeff