Friday, 28 May 2010

Through the Sallwald

At first the road from Bratfurt passed up over the open lands of Iserwald but then it started to descend again into the valley of the Flussweih and the same enclosed terrain that the French had experienced on their way from Welle. The ambush when it came was not unexpected and the Legere rapidly deployed into the woods either side of the roads to clear the way. The enemy fell back slowly to a mill by ford over the Flussweih.

Twyth rode up to General Bercollin, “This ford is not marked on our maps sir, and it bypasses the enemies’ Frishdorf position”

“Yes, but look at the terrain opposite with the slopes up to that hill. Yes the Klaveberg”

“But once over or round it we will be in Sonnenbad”

“But at what cost? And Sonnenbad is on the north of the river, Order Colonel Claret to act as if we are preparing to attack the position, the rest of the army will press on at all speed.
By evening the advance guard had driven the enemy picquets out of Ostdorf only 3 Leagues from Sonnenbad.

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