Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Welcome news

Shortly after dismissing Von Schwillensaufenstein, Colonel Von Barner was pleased to recognise a familiar figure riding into camp. “Welcome Hans, what news do you bring?”

Hans then explained the position of the Schnellkorps under Colonel Meyer. “They were leaving Bruckewasser at the same time as me this morning and they should be in Welle by now as the locals have put temporary bridges in place. I heard in Welle that a Polish battalion is helping with the repairs around Fromel while they wait for free transit to be arranged back to Poland. Now Colonel Meyer says he will march direct to Sonnenbad with all speed unless he has information to the contrary”

“Excellent and how strong is the Schnellkorps?”

“Only two battalions, a company of jaegers and squadron of light dragoons, apparently it was all the Austrians would release at the time. Colonel Meyer, thinks that it will be at least four days before any more reinforcements arrive. General Kraut promised to leave with the rest of the Frundsberg brigade two days after him whether or not the Austrians agree.

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