Monday, 31 May 2010


General Bercollin was annoyed, according to his maps it should have been a simple march into an undefended Sonnenbad. Yet here they were, the whole of the Frundsberg forces, defending the route into Sonnenbad. That his troops could break through he had no doubt, but at what cost?
Twyth coughed “They must have marched through the night to get in position before us”
“Yes but what are our options now, apart from a frontal attack?”

“Well sir, the Landsberg ahead of us is a spur of the Stocwold hills that are to the north of our position. I understand from the locals that there is a back way up the Landsberg from the north that is far less steep. It also has the benefit of positioning us on the direct road from Berlin to Pappenheim so we will have more options”.

“And our ammunition supply?”

“Still very limited sir, only enough for one days sustained fighting”

“Show me the map again” “Hmmm, we could also strike out towards Glowstein and the bank of the Rhine. Right issue the orders Twyth. We march on Marsfeld first thing tomorrow”

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