Saturday, 1 May 2010

French plans

Commissioner en Mission Laine was ecstatic, not only had executioner Van Damme survived the ambush and saved his device, but he had also found the missing part, which had apparently slipped beneath the driver’s seat. Having heard the good news, and berated Jean Claude for being so careless, he then rejoined the commander’s conference.

The officers were still involved in the classic officers’ game of who was to blame. Colonel Dvizok claimed his troops had been left unsupported, while Colonel Anjou said his men had marched at all speed to Fromel as requested and had responded with equal alacrity to the attack.

Captain Fitou of the Chasseurs, who had replaced the captured Major Absinthe stated that his men had arrived at the scene as soon as possible given their responsibilities for covering the whole of the French rearguard and maintaining a presence up on the Pidnem hills.

“Right citizens, enough of these recriminations” announced General Bercollin “we have to be aware that these Frundsbergers are cunning opponents and be very careful, Now, Twyth what information do we have as to their whereabouts?”

“Well sir, the main body seems to be positioned around Frishdorf on the direct road to Sonnenbad, but nothing is reported on the Iserwelt side of the Flussweih. As for the insurgents nothing is known except their last position to the north west of Fromel. We have plenty of patrols out, so we can be sure that they are still west of Fromel or north of Frischdorf."

"Right Citizens, here are our plans. We will drive up the right bank of the Flussweih to .Sonnenbad. Two squadrons of hussars will provide the advance guard leaving one squadron demonstrating in front of Frischdorf. They will be followed in order by the 23ieme DB de Ligne, the heavy cavalry, the 17ieme DB Légère with the remains of the baggage train, 56ieme DB de Ligne and finally the Poles and Chasseurs will provide the rearguard."

Colonel Dwizok shrugged, knowing his luck; the next attack would be on the rearguard.

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