Friday, 30 April 2010

Next Plans

As they regrouped in the high woods Ilse called a staff conference “Well gentlemen we did well today, but we need to continue the pressure to assist our compatriots to the north. Now before I ask for ideas, here is the situation as far as I know it.

Firstly the French have taken Fromel and also Bratfurt, this gives them the option of striking up either bank of the Flussweih. We have no definite information on which option they will choose, but my father’s forces will certainly delay any attempt to move up the left bank”

“OK, so today we have attacked the French on the march so they will improve their march discipline and not leave such large gaps between their units leaving them unsupported. We need a new trick to catch them unawares?”

“If I may” answered Friedrich “I don’t know the area but isn’t our problem the presence of the French cavalry, my men can help, but they will always outnumber us, unless we distract them away from where we strike”

Captain Olley waved and then spoke “We need to distract them in one direction and then strike at another point. Now look at the map, Beckdorf is where the road splits north to Sonnenbad and east to Bratfurt. But to the southwest it passes through dense woodland. We could ambush the French rearguard there, but only after distracting the French cavalry to a point beyond the ambush”

“Yes!” exclaimed Captain Von der Hyde. “we have quite a number of woodsmen in our ranks, we can fell trees to block to road and prevent the cavalry from returning”

After some debate a plan was agreed and the forces made an initial advance towards Berkdorf while there was still light and settled down in the neighbouring villages. Before departing Ilse wrote a quick despatch and passed it to Friedrich “Could one of your men deliver this to my father as I can’t spare either of our scouts, and thanks for your careful comments in the discussion, they need to believe that it’s their idea.

“Indeed, I’ll send young Hugo again, he certainly has a knack for finding his way around”

“Like their commander, thanks Friedrich”

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