Tuesday, 1 June 2010

On the Braunturm

Friedrich returned to viewing the French position and tried to think of the options that they might consider and whether they could disrupt them in any way. Turning back to Ilse “is there any way around the position that the French could use?”

“Yes, they can simply march up the lanes through the orchards and vineyards onto the high ground. From there they can either take the Haubtstrasse direct to Pappenheim or Berlin, continue north along the Stocwold ridgeline towards Glowstein and back to the Rhine or attack the Landsberg position in the rear”

“Will your father prepared for such a move?”

“Yes, it is not such a strong position but he will be ready and he will get plenty of warning if the French move that way, I would think his greater concern is that the French will not attack as the ground to the north is far more open and suitable for cavalry”

“OK, I have an idea, if you are sure your father would like the French to attack”

“Yes, I’m sure, but what…”

Friedrich leaned over the tower and shouted “Otto, Hans come up at once I have an idea to discuss with you, and bring the maps”

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Bluebear Jeff said...

And just what does he have in mind?

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