Monday, 12 December 2011

Black Hussars!

Ilse’s route back to Frundsberg was initially to head in the direction of Illerkamp as it would be difficult to cross the Farret close to its confluence with the Rhine, close to Illerkamp there would be a number of bridges some of might not be guarded and even if that was not possible then she could head into Iserwelt.

Crossing the river was surprisingly easy as none of the bridges seemed to be guarded, but after checking carefully for any hidden observers she crossed. Once clear, Sparrow stopped for a moment in a small copse to rest the mare and to check out the route ahead. She was relieved, less than two leagues to go and nothing in sight between her and the border.

Remounting she headed off only to see a body of black coated hussars emerge from a wood to her left. It must just be a patrol, they couldn’t be specifically hunting her! But they were between her and the border! She turned her horse towards them at a slow walk so as not to raise their suspicions. Carefully she judged the point and direction at which she could best make her escape as she felt sure that she couldn’t bluff her way past them.

At what she felt was the right moment she dug in her hells and set the horse off as fast as possible away from the patrol. She heard the shout of “After him” and the sound of swords being drawn. After a few minutes she glanced back to see that the hussars on their Polish horses were rapidly gaining on her.

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