Friday, 16 December 2011

Family Problems

“I still don’t understand, why couldn’t you be at your fathers funeral, you are the heir after all” ranted Erbhertzog Karl’s wife Lieselotte.

“But Liesel, the Reich chancellor made it clear in his note that Prussia and Alsace were up to tricks in Pommaineand that if I was present then pressure might be applied to me to go along with their scheme”

“What, something like I might not be Grand-Duchess?”

“Yes it could be that bad”

“That’s intolerable; my uncle the Emperor would never stand for it”

“That’s why we are here in Niersteiner-Domthal, with an Imperial army to back up my claim once we know what they are up to”

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abdul666 said...

Lieselotte: what a charming name!