Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Border clash

Trying to get the best speed out of her mare, Ilse looked up to see a small detachment of light dragons deploying ahead of her. She pulled up as she reached them and gasped “Help me!”

The larger body of black hussars reined in a short distance away. Their leader trotted forward.

The corporal in charge of the light dragoons ordered “Secure him”. Then rode forward to meet his counterpart, as he passed Sparrow whispered “I’m Ilse von Barner”

The Schwarzgarde sergeant was quite cocky and demanded the immediate return of the criminal escaping from the lawful justice of Pommaine.

The Frundsberg corporal simply asked “On what charge?”

The sergeant hesitated for a moment, then responded “Leaving the duchy illegally”

The corporal turned and shouted “Schmitt, check his papers”

Schmitt responded “He has none”

The sergeant smiled, then the corporal said “Then I have to apprehend him for entering Frundsberg illegally.

The sergeant fumed “Hand him over or else!”

The corporal, lifted his arm in the air and then asked “or else what?”

Although he outnumbered the light dragoons the sergeant spotted that a number of Jaeger had emerged from a nearby wood. "OK you just deal with him, that’s all” and signalled his men to withdraw.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Ah, safely home.

-- Jeff

abdul666 said...

The Cavalry always turns up in time!

PatrickW said...

Not to mention some Jaegers.