Monday, 26 December 2011

Niggling doubts

Count Vladislav paced up and down, something was troubling him and he didn’t know what. With the exception of the heir apparent Karl not turning up, the funeral had gone completely to plan. Maybe it was something about tomorrow, when the Grand-Duke’s will would be read? Prior to the Grand-Duke’s death, all the senior Pommaine officers had sworn to uphold the contents of the Grand-Duke’s will, with the sole exception of Colonel Preysing.

The colonel was the godfather and mentor of the young Karl, but he only deferred on the point that any agreement did not contravene Imperial law. Obviously, his stance could not be challenged at the time, without causing the other officers to reconsider, also the Grand-Duke’s lawyers had claimed that a change in succession needed the agreement of the Emperor was a convention not a law.

Still he was concerned; the Alsatian and Prussian forces should have received notification of the Grand-Dukes death by now and be preparing to move to block any Imperial attempts to resist the will being implemented.

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