Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Final arrangements

Count Vladislav rode out for a final inspection. Everything was in place for the funeral. Each regiment had provided a company to act as part of the escort and the remainder of the Lieb grenadiers would line the route between the palace and the cathedral. The Schwartzgarde Grenadiers had taken over all the normal duties of guarding the various public buildings and the city gates. In addition the Schwartzgarde Hussars had been sent to the borders with Pommaine and Niersteiner Domthal with specific instructions to intercept anyone leaving the Grand Duchy from the day after the funeral. Hopefully that would delay the news of what was contained in the grand-Duke’s will getting to unfriendly ears.

Pausing for a moment near the main square the count heard raised voices and rode over to find an officer and sergeant arguing.

“So what’s this about Von Amstell!?”

“Sorry sir, this idiot wanted to ring the watch bell”

The sergeant butted in “it’s a horse thief sir, we need to shut the gates”

“Very good sergeant, but at this time we cannot ring the watch bell as it would interfere with the funeral. Send your men to warn each of the gates” The sergeant turned to advise his men.

“Lieutenant, head for the barracks immediately and get the reserve detachment of the Piosasque Hussars to sweep around the city”

Satisfied that everything was back under control the Count headed back to join the cortege.

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