Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Out of the City

Ilse had no intention of following the obvious route out of Traunsberg, after galloping a sufficient distance to gain attention she doubled back via back streets to the other side of the city.

Pausing to slightly dirty herself and the horse she led it forward into the main thoroughfare leading out of the city. Spotting a passing carter she shouted out “can you give me a lift to Mersburg for a schilling?” Receiving assent she tied the horse to the wagon and hopped up on the bench with the carter and passed him the schilling. In response to the carter’s questions, Sparrow claimed that his master wanted the horse taken home and he couldn’t ride.

“Must be a good master to give you a schilling”

“Yes, but that was for my lunch and I’d rather ride back with an empty belly, than walk”

The carter chuckled as they passed through the gate

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