Saturday, 10 December 2011

Noisy afternoon

Having met with the Stadtrat and received their approval for mobilisation, a formality, but still an important one, the baron decided on a bracing walking around his estate. Having reached the most distant corner, he was surprised by the sound of gunfire. Relived that it was not directed at him he looked over the nearby hedgerow to see a line of green coated men rise up from the ground and run backward until halted by a long whistle blast. On two short blasts they turned and fired at a line of turnips placed on posts, too considerable effect.

“Goodday Baron”

Baron Wilhelm turned to see one of his farmers tugging his forlock

“Ah Dimnitz, what’s going on?”

“It’s them new Jaegers, sur. They be practicing”

The silence was broken by another blast of rifle fire as the Jaegers devastated another line of turnips.

“They don’t look like they need much training, and who’s paying for the turnips?”

“Well sur, they are all Freishutze so they certainly know how to shoot already, they are learning how to act under orders. And the turnips, they are your’s suur. Once they have finished I’ll be turning the sheep out to graze so nothing will go to waste.

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tidders said...

nice jagers

-- Allan