Monday, 5 December 2011

Horse thief

Walking into the courtyard of the inn Sparrow headed straight for the stables, various grooms and stable boys were at work. She perused the various horses as if assessing their merits, but in reality she was selecting the most suitable mount. In one stall she found what she needed, a calm rested mare, and its tack was neatly laid out nearby. No one reacted as she entered and started brushing her down to ensure that everyone thought she was preparing her for her master. Her lessons with Hans on saddling meant she had little trouble and she remembered to adjust the stirrup length.

As she led the horse out into the courtyard, very few staff gave more than a second glance, so she swung herself up into the saddle.

“Stop thief” came a cry from the door of the inn leading into the courtyard, but it was too late Ilse was off through the inn gate and into the square.

A gaggle of Grenadiers ran out of the main door of the inn, but tumbled over a drum and had no chance to fire before Ilse turned off down a side street.

The sergeant cuffed the drummer boy and shouted out “Warn the watch”

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