Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Waking early, Friedrich realised that in the rush of the previous evening he had failed to make a courtesy copy of his inspection report for the Major. Calling for breakfast, paper and a pen, he quickly set to work on an additional copy.

All completed, he enjoyed a final cup of coffee, while his horse was saddled and brought to the front of the tavern. When Friedrich attempted to pay, the owner refused saying that the bill would be paid by the Commandant.

He quickly crossed the square to the Commandants house intending to hand over the report to Hans or whoever else of the staff was up at the time.

He was amazed when the door was opened by Ilse, but even more so by the way she was dressed, just like a tavern wench.

“Good Morning Ilse, I had not expected to see you this early. I forgot to make a copy of my report for your father. I hope he will find it of some use.

“Certainly Friedrich, will we see you again?”

“Hopefully, but I cannot delay as I’m sure the General would like your Father’s report as soon as possible”

“Aufweidersehen Ilse”

“Aufweidersehen Friedrich”

As he was about to leave the square Friedrich looked back to see Ilse still at the door. He gave a wave and was gratified when Ilse waved back.

As Ilse shut the door she saw her sister on the stairs, ”Well you’ve certainly made an impression there.” Said Bettina

“You must be joking to think he’d be interested in a town mouse like me. He must be the son of a Graf or some such. Besides who will look after father, once you have married Jens”

As his horse gently trotted along the Hauptstrasse Friedrich reflected on the last 24 hours. Ilse was quite a character, and he hoped his father would arrange a marriage with someone like her, but he suspected he would end up with some dull Prussian princess or a sickly Austrian archduchess. He now appreciated the strong professionalism and camaraderie of the Frundsberg officers and men.

With the French more than likely to invade the Freistadt, Friedrich felt that he had a decision to make. It was more than likely that his course of study would be disrupted if not ended. Should he stay and fight or just return home. Thinking back to the previous evening an idea struck him and he immediately spurred his horse into a canter.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Aha! I knew something was up.

-- Jeff

Fitz-Badger said...

This is shaping up to be quite an entertaining story! :)

Martin said...

Not all campaigns are strictly military in nature. In this "affair of the heart", I wonder who will be the agressor and who will be the defender?!

I'm looking forward to seeing what developes.