Thursday, 4 February 2010

Meeting the General (1)

By late afternoon Friedrich arrived in Pappenheim, already the city seemed to be on a heightened state of alert. Weaving his way through the streets he made his way to the Frundsberg Army HQ.

Outside the HQ the sentry from the Stabskompanie stood at ease enjoying the last of the spring sun. The stabskompanie was easily recognised as their yellow coats had purple facings, but less so was the fact that all the members had at least five years service and frequently decorated for gallantry.

Dismounting and collecting his documents Friedrich strode towards the entrance only to find the sentry blocking his path.

“Ihr ausweiss bitte“

”Sorry, no one issued me with a pass, what is going on?“

“Every since yesterday security has been strengthened and no one without a pass is admitted unless they are known by the duty sergeant“

But I have an urgent report for General Wurst”

The sentry shouted back through the door “Sergeant, we have another problem”

The sergeant emerged and asked about Friedrich’s business and he explained that he had a despatch from Major Von Barner for the General.

“OK, so if you know the Major, what is his son’s name?”

“Ilse” responded Friedrich quickly remembering.

“OK Sir, just go up the stairs and take the first door on the left and you will find the General’s Aide Captain Stammpot.

Knocking and entering Friedrich found a smart but stern individual behind a desk “Cadet Wettin Sir, with despatches from Major Von Barner and an Inspection Report on Stonew”

A surprisingly tall Stammpot stood took the documents from him, gave them a quick scan and stated bluntly “Wait here” and exited through another door. Moments later he emerged. “You will wait here until a decision is made” “Please sit over there and do not disturb me unless absolutely necessary” Stammpot sat down and recommenced work on his papers.

At least thirty minutes later a bell rang and Stammpot exited back through the door again, emerging shortly to say “the General would like to hear your evidence now”

Friedrich blanched, what had the Major written in his report? Well he had nothing to lose so he marched in to the lions den.

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