Friday, 26 February 2010

Eavesdropping (2)

General Bercollin continued “Now my plan. We will first take the city of Welle on the south of the Pidnem hills, this then allows us the prospect of striking at either the capital Pappenheim or their rich second city Sonnenbad. By this means they will have to split their forces to cover both possibilities”

“However if we were to strike direct at Pappenheim they would be able to concentrate everything against us in the Stonew – Pappenheim gap.”

“I think we should strike directly at Sonnenbad, it will send a message to the Aristos of Europe that they should not threaten the Revolution” interjected Laine. “It’s a nest of vipers”

“Yes Representative, but if Pappenheim falls, Sonnenbad falls as well and the capture of Pappenheim will enable us to establish a strong base on the east of the Rhine and reopen communications with Paris.”

“Why can’t we maintain communications from here?”

“Representative, if I leave forces here they will either be too weak to defend the town against the Kaiserlijks or they will be a significant proportion of our strength and therefore risk failing to take our objective.”

“Now I hope we will be ready in three days time. The advance will be led by the cavalry and light infantry at first light. I expect to be in Welle by the evening of the next day at the latest”
“Colonel Anjou, you will lead the advance guard, you will be backed up by Colonel Claret if necessary”

“Colonel Claret, your men will occupy Bruckewasser until the route is clear and then rejoin the army.”

“Colonel Letort, I want most of your light cavalry to support Colonel Anjou, but with sufficient patrols sent out to provide flank security. Your heavy cavalry can be disposed as you wish to support the advance”

“Colonel Dwizok, your men will guard the baggage train, please don’t consider this an insult as I believe you men are more trustworthy than most. Also since wagons are very limited I want you to ensure that nothing unnecessary is carried. Nothing but ammunition, food and engineer equipment!”

“General, I assume there is a wagon set aside for my equipment?” asked Laine.

“Yes Representative, I’m sure we will find some way to fit it in”


Bluebear Jeff said...

Why do I suspect that Laine's equipment is a guillotine?

-- Jeff

Frankfurter said...

Let's see, the blade would be a nice cover for some powder kegs, the beams and ropes could probably be quickly employed in some small bridge over a truculent creek ...