Sunday, 14 February 2010

Preparations for invasion

General Wurst was contemplating the map of Frundsberg when Stammpot announced the arrival of the Baron.

“Thanks you for visiting Sire, we have the latest intelligence about the French plans and it is safer to discuss them and my planned actions here.”

“Indeed General, so what are their plans”

The General then ran through the latest reports he had received especially concentrating on the report from a recent meeting of the French staff.

“So you see Baron, I can be quite confident about the French plans to strike at Bruckewasser.”

“Yes, but at quite a risk to one of our best agents”

“Now as to our responses” “Stammpot please bring the letters we prepared earlier” “I am despatching both squadrons of light dragoons down to cover the Pommaine border, In addition, I will call out a company of the Freishutze to support them. The reserve battalion in Welle is well placed to support them along with the local militia. Of course, all they can do is delay the French advance as long as possible”

“Now the letters, all of which I think we should both sign to add sufficient weight”

Stammpott handed the letters to the Baron.

"Ah yes, to the Imperial Commander General Colberg, the Duke of Pommaine and Colonel Faffen, who is he?”

He commands the Pommaine forces around Bruckewasser where the French are about to cross and if we wait for the Duke to inform him it will be too late”

“Yes indeed”

“The final letter deals with my choice of commander for our forces, I believe he is the right man for the job even though he has retired.”

“Excellent, do you have couriers waiting for the letters”


“Then lets get them signed and on their way”

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