Monday, 8 February 2010

The other side of the River (2)

Ilse had a problem, she had to get back across the river urgently if her information was to be of any use. That meant that she couldn’t use the normal route used by the smugglers. A boat had been left concealed on the west bank for just such a contingency, however a pair of French sentries were positioned close by. She sneaked up as close as possible, but there appeared to be no way to get to the boat unseen, and the sentries showed no sign of moving.

Just as she began to despair she heard a slight rustling and saw Hans appear beside her. Before she could say anything he whispered “If you can distract them I’ll take them from behind” Ilse indicated agreement and Hans disappeared again.

Once she judged sufficient time had passed, Ilse crawled back and then rose behind a copse so it would appear that she was just walking along the riverbank. She then walked towards the sentries.

“Who goes there? Approach slowly!”

Ilse walked towards the sentries, both of whom were watching her intently.

“Have you seen my mule? I’ve lost it and the other sentries said it came this way” said Ilse in German.

As she neared the sentries, one turned to the other and said in French “Jacques it’s my turn first” then said to her in German “Please come closer”

Once she was within a hands reach of the sentry he exclaimed “Don’t move, I need to search you.” A sudden noise caused him to turn and see Jacques with a knife at his throat and before he could react another was at his.

The two Frenchmen then had their hands tied and were gagged before being led to the riverbank. Expecting the worst they found that one of their captors was retrieving a boat from the bushes. They were forced onto the boat and then made to row out and then across the river.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Two more frogs for interrogation.

-- Jeff

Frankfurter said...

Fried Frog Legs?