Sunday, 21 February 2010

The capture of Bruckewasser (1)

Once he had his second wave of troops across the river. Colonel Jolais ordered them to march on Bruckewasse, with the artillery man-hauled. Arriving near noon they found the gates closed and the old walls manned. “Le Beau” walked forward with just a soldier carrying a white flag. The gate opened and a junior officer emerged and approached. He started the niceties, but the Colonel interjected “Tell your commander that if you do not surrender within the hour my artillery will fire shell into the town and set it alight and my troops will then attack and spare no one.

Visibly blanching the officer said he would pass on the message to his commander.
Just before the hour was up Jolais was pleased to see a white flag raised over the walls, replacing the Pommaine flag. The officer emerged again from the gates, and the Colonel strode forward to meet him.

“Now the gates are to be left open, but my troops will not enter for another 30minutes by which time I expect to find all your men assembled in the main square with grounded arms.”
Hesitating at first, the officer agreed and returned to the town, on entering the gates these were then left open.

As soon as the thirty minute were up Colonel called forward his drummers and to the beat of the drums led his troops into the town. Meanwhile Twyth arranged for a message to be sent back to the General notifying him of their success.


Archduke Piccolo said...

Just what a slice of luck and a bold manner migh be expected to achieve - if they succeed at all. Will the French sit back and enjoy their success, or exploit on to greater achievements? What will be the reaction to the loss on an important border town...?

Frankfurter said...

and who was the town commander?