Sunday, 28 February 2010


Ilse heard the shout and kicked her horse into action, it was not that good a mount, but it was certainly better than it appeared and with luck she could reach the hills before that cavalry could catch her.

After hearing Twyth’s shout the lieutenant responded “After her! Sergeant take six men and swing north and cut off her escape that way”

At first Ilse thought she had a chance of escape, she discarded all the unnecessary bags but she spotted some of the cavalry moving round to her left and cutting off her route to the hills. Worst still was that one of the pursuing party was overhauling her at a fast pace.

Ilse reached into her last bag and pulled out a long barrelled pistol, checked it was still primed then cocked it. Judging the distance carefully, she pulled up her horse, then resting the pistol barrel on her other arm she aimed and fired. Without waiting to see the effect she spurred her horse back into action.

Twyth was shocked; the woman had calmly stopped, and then shot the Lieutenant, who as the best mounted had been rapidly catching up with her. However they were now getting really close and she probably only had one pistol.

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A J said...

Hmm! Not a girl to give in easily. Reminds me of someone... ;)