Saturday, 27 February 2010


“Right Twyth, I need you to check on the situation. The cavalry claim that they are unable to breach the enemy screens along the Donnep hills except in overwhelming strength. I want you to go out with the next patrol and assess the truth of this, ideally I’d like a view on what lies beyond the hills before I finalise my plans” stated General Bercollin plainly.

“Yes Sir, I’ll accompany the next patrol”

“Oh, and be careful”

The next day Twyth rode out with a patrol from the 12ieme Chasseurs a Cheval led by a Lieutenant with a Sergeant and sixteen men. They then headed towards a point on the hills. As they cleared the lower slopes a shot rang out and the trooper next to Twyth slumped in his seat badly wounded.

“Dammed rifles, fall back” called out the Lieutenant. As they did so another round whistled dangerously close to Twyth. The Lieutenant shouted “I told you that you were too obvious a target in your white uniform.”

Once they were out of range Twyth approached the Lieutenant. “Can I suggest we try a location less covered by woods or copses, where riflemen can hide, how about over there?” pointing further to the east than where they had tried.

The lieutenant agreed and the patrol withdrew heading back to the French lines ready to circle back to the hills again.

They passed a farmers wife on an old nag loaded with bags heading outwards when Twyth’s memory suddenly recalled a face and he shouted “Capture that woman”

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