Monday, 15 February 2010

Raising the Freikorps(3)

As the last of the volunteers departed Friedrich turned to the cadets, “So how many did we get?”

“Eighty Five Sir”

“Excellent, enough for a squadron even given a few losses” “I look forward to seeing you tomorrow along with the sergeants when we’ll find out how competent our volunteers really are”

By ten o’clock the next day a number of exercises had been set up by the sergeants and some of the barracks staff. These would gradually assess the volunteers riding skill, any ability at swordplay both on foot and mounted and finally see if they had any idea of manoeuvring in formation.

By the end of the day Friedrich was reasonably content only as three volunteers had failed to turn up and of these two had sent a formal apology. The good news was that all the volunteers were competent horsemen, most had some experience of fencing on foot, but very few on horseback and the manoeuvres were dreadful. So overall very much as expected and Friedrich now knew the areas to concentrate on in training.

After dismissing the volunteers for the evening Friedrich turned to the sergeants and invited them to the nearby “Rising Sun” tavern. After calling for drinks he turned to the sergeants and asked for their assessment. Overall it was the same; they then pulled out their notebooks where, in Gendarmerie style, they had noted down “The facts”.

“Well sir, we have two gentlemen who are very well trained cavalry officers, both Lieutenants, but they have no combat experience, however by the end of the day they were already gaining respect from the other volunteers.”

“Yes I’d noticed that as well, it’s good news as I would like to split the squadron into two troops each led by one of the volunteers, but with one of you as their second in command and guide.

Now enjoy your drinks and let’s consider now to organise the training

A view of the squadron in a later stage of training with Mayor Von Wettin in the centre.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Ah, I like the uniforms . . . and I'm sure that they'll please the ladies as well.

-- Jeff

Capt Bill said...

Looks like an excellent squadron in the making. All of Beerstein wishes these brave lads well...

DestoFante said...

...must-resist-the-urge-to paint-some yellow-wearing-squadron... :-)
They look beautiful -- excellent job!