Saturday, 6 February 2010

The other side of the River (1)

As the table was cleared of plates, General Bercollin stood up an address his officers. “We have had a set back but we must continue the struggle and raise it to the next level” He could see the rhetoric was pitched at the right intensity for Laine. “Now in four days or possibly five the barges will be ready. These are far more sturdy than the rafts and can take up to 200 men each, however I had arranged for two of them to have guns fitted so we can have fire support as we land. Our target this time is here” pointing at the map at a point west of Bruckewasser in the Duchy of Pommaine. “There is a battery covering the two possible landing points, but other than that there is no back up, the Pommaine militia are only sufficient to defend Bruckewasser itself.”

Colonel Dwizok the Polish commander leaned forward “But what about the Frundsbergers?”

“Yes Colonel, we know that all that are available to them are just some training units and militia, we were just unlucky crossing the river at Stonew, they certainly can’t help out Pommaine”

Twyth leaned back in his chair, already bored, partly because he had worked with the General on the plan but also he felt very content. As always he had been suspicious of the wine provided as anything half decent had already been pillaged. He was amazed on the first sip to find it was Cidre, one of the pleasures from home, so given the others didn’t regard it with the same affection he had a generous share of that available.

Representative Laine was also bored and he just upped and left the room, once the topic moved onto Logistics. The General continued speaking but signalled to Twyth, who then moved to the door and listened intently to the departing footsteps then indicated the all clear.

“Once again Colonel Claret I must apologise for the loss of your men, I do not intend for this to happen again, the other officers nodded. So please all of you refer any attempt by the Representative to give orders immediately to me, and …..”

“Twyth signalled as he heard footsteps

“Now about these replacements” continued the General as Twyth grabbed the serving wench and indicated to her to open the door. This she did to find Laine standing outside, “Ah Representative, we were discussing training the new levies, would you like some time explaining to them our worthy cause, would before or after musket practice be best for you?”

“After would be best, goodnight Citizens” and walked off down the passage.

The meeting drew to a close and as the officers departed, Twyth buoyed up by the alcohol decided to try his luck with the serving wench as she gathered up the last glasses. Taking an indirect approach he approached from behind and grabbed her firmly by the waist. “Thank you for an excellent meal mademoiselle”

Her response was not quite what he expected as she turned, kissed him, then escaped down the corridor with the glasses.

Ah well thought Twyth, a good start but hopefully better luck tomorrow.

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