Wednesday, 10 February 2010

The other side of the River (3)

Twyth had a very sore head as he made his way to breakfast, but looked forward to renewing his acquaintance with the serving wench. However he was served by another girl. “Where is the girl that served us last night?”

“Oh, you mean Anja” she just helps occasionally when it’s busy, she went home last night”

The door bust open followed by Colonel Anjou of the 17ieme Demi Brigade Legere. Oh no thought Twyth as the Colonel stormed over “It’s happened again“ he stormed.

“Please Colonel, can you please explain more calmly” Twyth’s head felt ready to explode. “Very well, you are aware that we keep losing the odd sentry. Well I doubled the guard with the sentries in pairs and last night a couple went missing without trace."

“Have you searched for them?”

“Yes, especially around the point that they were posted, but not a trace, and they were a couple of my more reliable men”

“Thank you Colonel, I’ll pass on your information to the General. Was there anything else?”

“Yes, this note was left in my quarters, it is a list of 93 members of the 23ieme demi-brigade who survived the attack on Stonew and are now captives of the Frundsbergers. No officers were listed except for Lieutenant Blanc who is apparently wounded.”

“I wonder if the two incidents are linked?”

“No, why should they kill some of our men just to deliver this note! It was probably the smugglers”

Meanwhile in Stonew, Major Von Barner had finished discussing Ilse’s intelligence with her and was just finishing off a report for General Wurst and the Statrat.

"Now go and get some sleep Ilse, I’m sure you’ll have more to do in the next few weeks."


Bluebear Jeff said...

Are we thus to presume that Anja and Ilse are one and the same?

-- Jeff

Frankfurter said...

Or even closely related .... ?

Frankfurter said...

Okay, the "verification" word on the next screen was "trampes" ... which I'm sure neither Anja nor Ilse is!